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Finding freedom from our neurotic" inner roomate" and an excerpt from "The Untethered Soul"

Sometimes my friends will make comments to me like "You have alot of patience. Does anything get you upset?" or "You seem to take most things in stride." My answer to both those questions is "Yes!" Yes, there are plenty of things that get me upset and yes I often take many otherwise frustrating and aggravating situations in stride. What I have learned (and am still continuing to learn) on my spiritual path is to stop, breathe & relax to process the immediate emotions and then remind myself that the feelings I am experiencing are just that.....feelings. They are objects to notice....energies that must be moved throught the body, not held on to. In the big picture they ultimately mean nothing. Does this happen 100% of the time? Uhmmm.....that would be a NO. But does it happen a whole heck of alot more then it used to? Yes. To me, that's progress! I have just finished the book The Untethered Soul" by Michael A. Singer. First, let me say that this is a MUST READ for anyone who wants to learn how to live life with some sort of iinner peace & freedom. It's a guide on how to process your thoughts and emotions and free yourself from the "hamster wheel" of thoughts going on in your head. Now...do I think it's possible to live this way 100% of the time? Uhmmm, again, that would be a NO! Not in the type of culture we live in .Well, maybe for the extremely enlightened soul or a monk living in the mountains of some far away land. But I do believe that we can learn (with alot of practice) to live in a way that allows us to manage situations from the minorly frustrating to the deepest of losses. Like most people, I have experienced both in my life. Most recently it was one of the hardest, most deepest of losses that taught me the most on how to find peace amongst the turmoil. The following is an excerpt from "The Untethered Soul".
"What is means to live spiritually is to not participate in the struggle. It means that the events that happen in the moment belong to the moment. They don't belong to you. They have nothing to do with you. You must stop defining yourself in relationship to them, and just let them come and go. Don't allow events to leave impressions inside of you. If you find yourself thinking about them later on, just let go. ......"When you become truly spiritual, you are totally different from everybody else. That which everybody wants, you don't want. That which everybody else resists, you totally accept...."Why should anything that anyone says or does cause you to get disturbed? You're just on a planet spinning around the middle of absolutely nowhere. You came here to visit for a handful of years and then you're going to leave. How can you live all stress-out over everything? Don't do it.
"You must learn to be comfortable with psychological disturbance. If you mind becomes hyperactive, just watch it. If you heart starts to heat up, let it go through what it must. Try to find the part of you that is capable of noticing that your mind is hyperactive and that your heart is heating up. That part is your way out......" Michael Singer
This is it, my friends! This is the trick, the key, the secret to it all....There is nothing more important on your spiritual quest then realizing that you are NOT your thoughts. YOU are the one who hears it. Singer refers to your thoughts as your "inner roommate." You must learn to make the distinction between you and this inner roommate. You must learn to objectively observe your problems rather then lose yourself in them. The very fact that you can observe your thoughts like objects means that your are NOT them. You can watch yourself get angry, sad, depressed, jealous...be a witness to it all....then breath, relax your muscles and let it go. These thoughts and emotions are only energies that need to be processed. Is it really that simple? Yes, it really is. The hard part is truly committing to the fact that we WANT to be happy.. We say we want to be happy but only if life's circumstances fit our definition of happiness. The question is....Can you make the committment to be happy despite life's circumstances? There's the challenge....will you accept it?

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These thoughts and emotions are only energies that need to be processed. Is it really that simple? Yes, it really is. The hard part is truly committing to the fact that we WANT to be happy.
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