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Are you a "Fixer"?
Truth Be Told
How Social Media help me Strength Train
How Usher and Kanye helped me Find my Freedom as a Yoga Teacher
Turning 40, Friendships and What I Know for Sure……


Aftermath of Hurricane Irene
Finding Freedom!
Freedom from Your "Inner Roomate"
Tapping into your Strength
Turning 40, Friendships and What I Know for Sure
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Are you a "Fixer"?

I'm a fixer. A Ms. Fix it. I like to fix things.  Well, not really things. I have my husband to do that. But people and situations. Is being a fixer bad for us? Depends. Isn't fixing helping? Maybe. Confused? That's exactly how how I feel. 
I don't think being a 'fixer" is bad. Generally, it stems from a intention to help. But sometimes fixing or helping can have both positive and negative results.

So how do you choose who needs fixing? How do you decide who needs your help, when to help, where to help and when to mind your own stinking business?

Truth Be Told

"Truth is a river that is always splitting up into arms that reunite. Islanded between the arms the inhabitants argue for a lifetime as to which is the main river."~ Cyril Connolly
Truth. It should be simple. Something is true or it isn't.  I always felt something is true if it is based on facts and logic. Apparently truth is not that simple. Did you know that religions, philosophers, and scholars have been debating this very topic of truth for thousands of years. I certainly wasn't aware of that.

How Social Media help me Strength Train

"You don't know how strong you are until being strong is the only option you have. "If your a social media hound like me, you have likely seen this quote posted by friends over and over and over again on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Now, don't get me wrong, I love positive quotes and sayings and I frequently post them myself. But this particular quote is one that I have seen so many times now that when I see it I roll my slightly jaded eyes and say, "Oh no, not that one again.

How Usher and Kanye helped me Find my Freedom as a Yoga Teacher

The following is dedicated to all the yoga teachers who think they have to force themselves into a specific mold in order to be valued and to anyone else who thinks that being yourself is not enough.
Are you familiar with the song "Yeah!" by Usher? It's ok if you aren't. It's a great R & B song that narrates a hot girl trying to seduce Usher with her dance moves in a club. It completely oozes over with sexual energy, scandalous lyrics, great beats and I was totally grooving to it at the gym the other morning.

Turning 40, Friendships and What I Know for Sure……

This article is inspired by and dedicated to my amazing friends….
Oprah Winfrey, a woman whom I respect and admire and one of my spiritual mentors, does a column in her magazine every month titled, “What I know for sure....” Here, notable men and women share their truths that inspire and guide them on their life’s journey. Every month I read this column and ask myself if Oprah asked me to write what I know for sure what would I say? After some time I usually shrug my shoulders and give in to the possibility that after 40 years I STILL don’t know anything for sure.

Finding freedom from our neurotic" inner roomate" and an excerpt from "The Untethered Soul"

Sometimes my friends will make comments to me like "You have alot of patience. Does anything get you upset?" or "You seem to take most things in stride." My answer to both those questions is "Yes!" Yes, there are plenty of things that get me upset and yes I often take many otherwise frustrating and aggravating situations in stride. What I have learned (and am still continuing to learn) on my spiritual path is to stop, breathe & relax to process the immediate emotions and then remind myself that the feelings I am experiencing are just that.

Yoga, Mantras & Taking My Own Advice

April 21, 2011
I am a good listener.  That I know.  If I was going on a job interview where the interviewer asks for my top strength & top weakness I would probably choose that as my top strength.  (Nevermind the weakness, it would take me too long to choose one!)  The advantages of being a good listener is that you can listen to a story without interjecting your own take on the situation and allow a person to unload their chaos & free their nervous system at least temporarily.

"A Daring Rescue" - Title provided by 11 yr old Alex DuBois

August 29, 2011
Today, Alex & I went for a walk down Grand Street. After being cooped up for a few days due to Hurrican Irene we needed to get out in the sun.  On the way back Alex spotted a baby turtle in the middle of the road.  It was most likely a casualty from the complete washouts and floodings of all the creeks surrounding the area. It was smack in the middle of the road, frying in the sun, &  not moving.  Not to be gross but it reminded me of those frogs or salamanders that tried to make it across the road and then didn't and sat there baking in the sun.
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