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Gina DuBois
Owner/Certified Yoga Instructor
Gina completed both her 200 hour & 500 hour advanced yoga certification under the guidence of Linda Winnick of Shakti Yoga Woodstock.  Gina's yoga training has included studies in Asana (postures), Pranayama (breathing techniques), Meditation, Anatomy and Physiology, the science of Ayurveda, Sanskrit and Yoga Philosophy as well as training in Thai Yoga Bodywork and aromatherapy .  Gina is also a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer and has specialized training in Yoga for Athletes. 
Gina’s mission is to make yoga accessible to real people with real bodies always addressing students individual needs. Gina’s classes are a blend of Vinyasa flow and skillful, unique sequencing. Her classes are challenging, fun and most importantly SAFE giving her students an understanding of basic anatomy to help maximize each practice session. Her classes include lots of prop support, gentle hands-on adjustments and optional positions to support the different needs and skill levels of all students. You can expect to leave Gina's classes calm, content and with a clearer understanding of your own body and its subtle patterns. You will walk away feeling her class was customized just for you! 
Gina also writes about yoga and life for Elephantjournal.com and Shareitopia.com. 

Michelle Harris - Certified Yoga Instructor

My personal Mantra, "I teach yoga because I want to be a better student".
My certification is in Hatha Yoga, I trained under Dr. Paul Jerad from Aura Wellness Center, with additional instruction from my mentor and inspiration Gina DuBois. I currently teach at Hidden Haven Yoga Studio in Highland NY and One Epic Place in New Paltz NY. A current aspiration I have, is to become certified in Yoga Therapy. 
My mission is to bring the possibility of  movement through asanas and poses to all bodies, unique bodies, to bodies that work and bodies that are unusually like mine. I want students to be comfortable in their bodies or homes. Through mindfulness and meditation, I want them to relax into their inherent limitations and except with honesty what is available to them and embrace the moment. I would like my students to simply love, what it is that I have come to love!  
Having been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in my late 40's , I understand the significance that yoga can have in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  It is about relaxing into the limitations in  life, instead of forcing things. It's about accepting what's honestly available to you and embracing what may never be . Having directly experienced positive affects that  come from a consistent Yoga Practice, improved flexibility,  improved balance. These are improvements that I can easily demonstrate to others. The other aspects of yoga are subjective, such as the quietness of the mind, the heightened awareness, easier relinquishment (letting go), a truer deeper way of looking at life. Multiple Sclerosis changed my life, but instead of lamenting about what I have lost, I'm learning to simply love what is. It's an opportunity that I wish to afford others.Yoga should be accessible and celebrated by people of all shapes, sizes and body types.
My husband will tell you," I'm perky and talk way too much".  My son and daughter might say that, "I'm obsessed with the cooking channel". My boss would tell you, "I have OCD and take too many short cuts". My friends will tell you, "I love a good glass of red wine( or two)". And my yoga students may tell you that, "Yoga is helping to enriching their bodies, mind and spirits"'.  I will tell you this, "Come join me in this journey called "Yoga", and I promise you that your life will positively change for the better". 


Liz Torres - Certified Yoga Instructor

Liz stumbled upon her first yoga class in a gym and decided to “give it a shot.”  She was quickly drawn to the benefits of both the physical and mental aspect of the practice.  Noticing an improvement in sleeping patterns, a significant decrease in stress, and a more enlightened outlook on life, Liz decided to deepen her practice by taking her 200hr Yoga Alliance Teacher Training with Kelly Kamm at Happy Buddha Yoga.

Liz has continued to further her education and has since become certified in Children and Teens Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Reiki 1. Liz believes that the benefits of yoga are endless.  Students can expect a sense of humor and a light hearted and carefree approach, all while learning to strengthen the mind and body to cultivate a sense of peace, balance, and mindfulness that students can carry with them both on and off the mat.  Liz is forever grateful for this practice and for all of her teachers and students everywhere.
“As you start to walk out on the way, the way appears.” ~ Rumi
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