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Winter/Spring 2018
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All classes instructed by Gina DuBois unless otherwise specified. 
7:45-9:00 am.    Level I/II
5:30-7:00 pm.    Level II 
5:30-6:30 am.   Sunrise Express Level I/II (starts 2/27/18)
4:00-5:15 pm.    Level I      
6:30-8:00 pm.    Level I/II with Michelle 
7:45-9:00 am.    Level I/II 
6:00-7:15 pm.    Level I/II  Michelle (class starts 3/7/18)
4:00-5:15 pm.   Level I (class starts 3/1/18)
6:30-8:00 pm.   Level I/II  
11:00-12pm. Very Beginners/Chair Yoga (starts 3/2/18)

10:00-11:15 am.  Level I
8:00-9:10 am.  Express level II

Class Description

Level I: This class is designed for those who've never taken a yoga class before and for whom are looking for a slower paced class. Lots of detail alignment instruction included.  This class is designed to build your strength and increase your flexibility as your learn the foundational yoga poses.  Please note: this is NOT a gentle class.  It is designed to build both strength and flexibility at a pace for newer students.  

Very Beginners/Chair Yoga: This class is open to everyone but perfect for seniors, those with some movement restrictions and/or those who have difficulties sitting on the floor. It’s a great way to move, stretch and relax from head to toe without the stress of getting out of your chair..although you always have the option of practicing out of the chair if you choose to. 

Level I/II: Mixed Level. Here we explore the bodies full range of movements with a focus on building strength, stability and flexibility at a slow to moderate pace.  Expect to be safely challenged, work hard, even sweat a little but class will includes lots of detailed alignment instruction. Options and modifications will be given to accommodate different levels. Expect to make many transitions between standing and seated postures. Not recommended for those with major movement restrictions.

Level II: This class is geared towards intermediate level students but is open to everyone. Prior experience with any form of Hatha yoga is recommended.  The sequences vary depending on the general level of the students in the class and options and modifications will be given. Must be able to make many transitions between standing and seated postures.  Not recommended for those with major movement restrictions or injuries.

Express Level II 70 mins: This is a moderate to fast paced class set to a soundtrack of popular music. Expect lots of vinyasa flow with standing poses mixed in.  Expect to get a little sweaty!

Yoga Class Rates: 

Please note: Class rates will increase March 2018

single class: $15

5 class discount card: $65. (8 weeks expiration)

10 class discount card: $100. (16 weeks expiration)

New Student Special:  $30.00 for 14 days of unlimited yoga* 

 *applies only to students whom have never taken a class at HHY

Private lessons: 
1 hour at HHY $85.00

Why take a private lesson?
Some people take private lessons to learn some basic yoga before they come to the regular group class. Others choose private lessons to receive one-on-one attention to their needs and get assistance in reaching specific goals.  Whether its learning to relax, rehabilitate injuries or help in changing misalignment patterns, individual lessons are made for you.  If you
already have a regular practice private lessons can assist you in advancing more quickly as you focus exclusively on your needs.
Book clubs, bridal parties, birthday parties. Yoga parties are a great way to connect with friends, practice together and have fun right here at our studio. You can easily rent our studio for a private yoga party for you and your friends - we'll even provide the mats, teacher and music!  A fantastic idea for sharing a blissful celebration. Contact us for more information & rates.
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